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Thank You to SmokeLong Fellow Pegah Ouji

The interview below is the last of four exit interviews with the January-June 2024 SmokeLong Emerging Writer Fellows. We were impressed and thrilled with the engagement and commitment each showed during the fellowship. If you are an emerging writer (yet to have published a book-length work), our next fellowship application period will begin in October… Continue reading Thank You to SmokeLong Fellow Pegah Ouji

Review: Pineville Trace
by Wes Blake

Issue 84 Launch Party!

A SmokeLong Summer — 2024

Introducing SmokeLong In-N-Out

Five from the Archive:
Endings in Flash

Feedback from SmokeLong Editors

The Smokey Winter Fête

The Music of Flash —
December Webinar

FlashGiving 2023

New Journal Series:
The Dawn Review

The SmokeLong Workshop Prize

Madison College Students Read the Queue!

The End is Near
The Beginning is too

The January Intensive 2023

Readers in Residence — Issue 77

Last Day to Enter The Springy!

Readers in Residence — Issue 76

Review: How Far I’ve Come by Kim Magowan

Readers in Residence Wrap Up — Issue 75

Review: Shit Cassandra Saw by Gwen E. Kirby

SmokeLong April Intensive

How to Spot a Novella-in-Flash at 100 Yards

Readers in Residence — Issue 75

The SmokeLong Winter Workshop

Two Micros by Arzu Naqizada

Eritrea by the Window by Nura Ahmed Faloul

You Are Remembered by Dareen Yousef

Adventurous Journey by Sadia Ramazani

Rosary With White Pearl Beads by Maryam M.

Waiting for the Spring by Arozo Wakili

The SmokeLong Fall Intensive!

Readers in Residence — Issue 74

Reader-in-Residence Wrap-Up — Issue 73

The SmokeLong Fall Workshop!

Success by Shukriya Alizada

Five From the Archive: Sex in Flash

Readers in Residence — Issue 73

Snow Warming by Bita Mohammaddoust

Some Very Important News

The Springy!

Five from the Archive – Food in Flash

Readers in Residence — Issue 72

Taller de Cuentos Breves: Lo Elemental

Five from the Archive — Naturalism

Book Review: Fabrications by Pamela Painter

Review: Darien Hsu Gee’s Allegiance

The SmokeLong Grand Micro Competition

Readers in Residence — Issue Seventy-One

Santa SmokeLong

Congratulations to our Pushcart Nominees!

Review: Brett Biebel’s 48 Blitz

Fridge Flash: Peace by Maya Bolden

Five from the Archive:
Magical Realism

More Students Read the Queue!

Creative Writing Students Read the Queue!

SmokeLong Workshop Opportunities

Five from the Archive: The Micro

Review: Christopher Linforth’s Directory 

Readers in Residence — Issue 70

Fridge Flash — Milky by B. Bowers

Best of the Net Nominations!

A Moment of Truth

Fridge Flash — Who Will Win the Race?

Fridge Flash — The Safety Boxes

Readers in Residence — Issue 69

Why Flash Fiction?

Artist Spotlight: Christina McPhee

Review: Little Feasts by Jules Archer

AWP Wrap Up and Micro Competition

AWP — Forecast for First-timers

Review of The Best Small Fictions 2019

SmokeLong’s Pushcart Nominations!

SmokeLong Workshop at The Porch, Nashville

Review: the everrumble by Michelle Elvy

Get your name in to win! #flashgiving 2019

Review: Tender Cuts by Jayne Martin

Book Review: Ghosts of You by Cathy Ulrich

Fridge Flash: Powim 3 (for you)

Artist Spotlight — Peggy Reavey

Fridge Flash: The Grocery Alien

AWP SmokeLong Flash Reading 1

Wild Life: An Interview
with Kathy Fish

Muddy Boots by Tim Morriss

Flashgiving Winner: Ellipsis Zine

Book Review: Ben Berman’s Then Again

2018 Pushcart Prize Nominees

Fridge Flash: Never Taste a Rainbow

Nominations and More Nominations

Book Review: Dana Diehl’s TV Girls

Fridge Flash: Mickey Mouse

Review: Tiny Crimes Leaves Big Impact

We Are Now a Paying Market!

Fridge Flash: Before the Law, 2018

Fridge Flash: The Enemy

Our Ten Most Popular Stories of 2017

13 Creepy Stories from Our Archives

Fridge Flash: If Dragons Were Real

Six Flash Fictions with Great Endings

Fridge Flash: Not Going Back

Artist Spotlight: Ashley Inguanta

Fridge Flash: The Cool Air Giver

Behind the Flash

Fridge Flash: Volkswagen Picture

Fridge Flash: A Duk Swam

Bath Flash Fiction Anthology Giveaway!

Will You Please Not Be Quiet, Please?

Fridge Flash: The Rubber Lizards Of Concord

Why Flash Fiction? Because Jim Carroll

Flash, Back: Edward Falco’s “Koi”

Global Flash Series Update

Four Vignettes on Flash Fiction

Fridge Flash: The Great Pencil

2017 Kathy Fish Finalists Announced

Fridge Flash: A Fox in Paris

#FlashGiving Winners and Stories

Flash, Back: Ernest Hemingway’s In Our Time

Flash, Back: Kafka’s “A Fratricide”

#FlashGiving with SmokeLong Quarterly

The Deception of Flash

Review and Q&A: ‘Exposure’ Reveals All

Organized Lightning

Cool Stuff Writers Do: Aymar and Alkimist

News from Contributors and Staff

Flexible Borders

Flash, Back: Revisiting Jayne Anne Phillips

The Temporal Art of Flash

Tiny Secret Objects

SmokeLong Welcomes New Editors and Readers

Flash as a Second Language

Flash Fiction as Language Art

Flash Fiction for Genre-Benders

On the Mirror and the Echo

Space Between

Flash Fiction: A Flash Essay

Flash Addiction

The Silence and the Flood

The Flash That Haunts Us

Cool Stuff Writers Do: The Tool Project

Interested in Everything

Universe, Multiverse, Miniverse

Like Apples and Rollerblades

Fridge Flash: Left Corner

Idea of the Sprawl

What is Possible

Framing Flash

On Frayed Ends and Open Doors

Artist Spotlight: Jessica Gawinski

Coming Out to Flash Fiction

Fridge Flash: The Conch

Just a Flash. Did You See It?

News from Contributors and Staff

Welcoming New Staff Editors

Fridge Flash: One Morning At The Zoo

News from Contributors

We’re Looking for an Associate Editor

Imitating Life: Lovers of the Arts, Unite

Shasta Grant is Our 2016 Kathy Fish Fellow!

Fridge Flash: Little Foot

News from Contributors and Staff

The Excess of the Short-Short

Flash Libs: A Spooky Halloween Mad Lib

Fridge Flash: The Bad Guy

News from Contributors and Staff

Fridge Flash: 42

Friends in Flash: Matchbook Stories

News from Contributors and Staff

Artist Spotlight: Katelin Kinney

News from Contributors and Staff

Fridge Flash: Five Mice

Fridge Flash: Timemasheen

Fridge Flash: Magic Cat

SmokeLong News Digest, Issue 2

Fridge Flash: The Rise of the Witch

SmokeLong News Digest, Issue 1


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