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13 Creepy Stories from Our Archives

October 31, 2017

Here are some spooky tales from our archives to get you in the Halloween holiday spirit.


Art by Livia Meyers
  1. The Dead Are Not Hungry by Justin Lawrence Daugherty

Zombies like you’ve never seen zombies before. Also paired with possibly the best piece of artwork we’ve ever run at SmokeLong.





art by Aaron Grayum

2. Working Halloween for Christmas Money by John Minichillo

The insiders guide to those cheesy haunted hayrides and houses and corn mazes you scared yourself silly at when you were a teen.





art by Alexander C. Kafka

3. Laura Palmer’s Bar and Grill by Andrew F. Sullivan

Especially fitting to re-read this one after the new season of Twin Peaks this year. A trippy, Lynch-like fan tribute to the mysterious Laura Palmer.





art by Katelin Kinney

4. The Sadness of Spirits by Aimee Pogson

A Ouija board. Some lonely ghosts. A little boy. What could go wrong?






art by Kim Berkley

5. The Horrors by Joseph Lucido

Is it bad luck or something more sinister at work? The voice in this piece is so compelling it pulls you along, even as you dread what’s coming next.






art by Jason Ellison

6. Last Seen Leaving by Laura Ellen Scott

When Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington went missing after a Metallica concert, Laura Ellen Scott decided to explore what might’ve happened to her. Now that her killer has been convicted, this story has an even more chilling facet to it.




art by Alexander C. Kafka

7. The Eleventh Floor Ghost by Megan Giddings

A haunted hotel with all sorts of ghosts trying to find their identities. This is a whimsical, fun piece from our former Kathy Fish Fellow.





8. The Rise of the Witch–A Fridge Flash by Stella Urbanski

This Fridge Flash by kindergartener Stella fits our theme and has original art to boot!




art by Jan Fidler

9. An Old Woman with Silver Hands by A.A. Baliskovits

A.A. Baliskovits is a master of retelling and reinventing classic fairy tales, and this is no exception.





art by Allen Forrest

10. Monarchs by Andrew Wehmann

Here’s a world where in order to survive, you must keep killing.






art by Ashley Inguanta

11. Bait by Amy Sayre Baptista

That creepy man on the side of road? Just what are his intentions?






art by Karen Prosen

12. Under the Dark by Dawn Bailey

Daddy tells you to go crawl under the porch. Do you go?






art by Ash Baker

13. The Woodcutter’s Wife by Ben Black

A creepy retelling of Hansel and Gretel.









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