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SmokeLong News Digest, Issue 2

March 29, 2015

News from SmokeLong Contributors and Staff:


Foust’s story collection Sins of Omission will be released this May (2015) by Tidal Press. It’s available for pre-order now.   Themes of family, home, memory and disconnectedness dance with a quiet power through these 42 short-short stories about people playing the cards life has dealt them the best they can.  The opening story is “Eye” which first appeared in SmokeLong Quarterly issue #26.







Gary Fincke’s newest collection of stories, A Room of Rain, was released March 3 by West Virginia University Press.  Fincke portrays the fluctuating emotions and self-protective reflections of fathers, sons, and husbands, creating a world where individuals rarely understand each other, yet still arrive at moments of compassion, tolerance, perseverance, and familial love. Read Gary’s SmokeLong Quarterly stories here: “Crushed Ice” and “Yams.” 






J.A. Tyler’s The Zoo, A Going, published this March (Dzanc Books),  is a story in which the commonplace act of a family visiting the zoo becomes a window through which a child contemplates the breakdown of his family, the loss of a brother he never knew, and his strained relationship with his father, newly back from a war that he cannot comprehend though he can feel its ripple effects. Read J.A. Tyler’s SmokeLong Quarterly story here, These Three Things That Noah Doesn’t .” 






SmokeLong staff news:

Tara Laskowski’s story, “The Heiress,” was published by the Journal for Compressed Creative Arts on March 2.

Gay Degani’s article, “As If Each Word is Worth $1000,” was published by Flash Fiction Chronicles on March 17.

Chris Allen’s story, “Green Graffiti,” was published by Litro on March 27.


Submissions to Digest:

The SmokeLong Quarterly blog will  list newly published works, achievements, and awards by our contributors and staff and asking them (you) to submit to us.  Entries should be recent, info regarding such should be no longer than 100 words including title of new work (flash, short story, essay, poem, memoir,or novel) and name of publisher  (ezine, print zine, publishing house) plus link to said work and/or how to purchase). Please also include all links to your published work at SmokeLong Quarterly.

There will be two lists in the Monthly Digest:

1) recent awards, achievements, and print publications

2) recent stories published online in journals, reviews, ezines  (not posted by author on blog or elsewhere)


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