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Introducing SmokeLong In-N-Out

April 1, 2024

We are excited. For decades SmokeLong has teetered on the edge of flash erotica, publishing tasteful, often edgy stories on sexual themes. We’ve never been afraid to go there. In 2024, though, we are going all in…and out. Our new sister journal, SmokeLong In-N-Out, will be the first online sex journal devoted to the briefest, most intimate stories of passion. And we don’t want to delay your gratification one second longer. Get ready for SmokeLong’s answer to the quickie.

SmokeLong In-N-Out will consider flash fiction and nonfiction exploring the following themes beginning today April 1, 2024:

The Intersection of pleasure and pain
Through the peephole
Submissive or Dominant? The politics of sexual positions
Toys, Toying, and Boy Toys
The blindfold and POV obfuscation
The Imperative Mood in Flash Erotica
Panties and other euphemisms
To strap on or not to strap on
What is a creampie actually?
Hooters and Eggplants: hyperbole and object relations
Show me yours first.
A cast of thousands: the challenge of characterization in the orgy story
Late-night snacks (a series): Incubus/succubus narratives
Thinly veiled rants about the person you met on Grindr

Audio files are also welcome and will be available in our Phone Sex Series. If you have an elderly Uncle Pete, please ask him to read the story.

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