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Fridge Flash: Left Corner

May 20, 2016

Today’s Fridge Flash comes from sixth grader Coleman Davidson, who expertly captures the chaos and drama of the final moments of the big game. 

By Coleman G. Davidson

Today, I played awesome in goalie. I even saved a penalty kick. The other team was pushing, kicking, elbowing, and even kneed one of our players in the “boys.” The ref never called a foul against the opposing team. Like when one of the other players pushed Ethan to the ground during a dead ball. But, somehow Kadin was called for a foul inside the penalty box. What happened was Kadin finally got tired of all the pushing and extended his arm to try to clear the ball. The player tripped over the ball, and the ref called a foul against us! Crazy, right? Our whole team was shouting at the ref. Even my coach was screaming at the top of his lungs. One of our parents threw their chair onto the field.

I say to my team, “Calm down, I got this.”

I waited for the ref to put the ball down. I stared at the player’s eyes to see if he has a target… he does! Left corner. In my mind I say to myself left corner, left corner, left corner. I’m shaking, jumping, and can’t stop moving. I stand on my line.

“Ready, keep?”

I nodded to the ref.


Here we go. I am confident he will kick it on the left side. The player runs forward. He kicks it to the left. I dive. The ball hits my hands. I bounce up. I’m sprinting to go collect the live ball, and I look around to see a bunch of other players racing to pounce the ball. I feel nervous about diving on the ball, but I have to, because the other team could obtain it and try to score. I finally dive on it. I’m on the ground. I can’t see anything because everybody piles on top of me. The ref’s whistle freed me from the pile.

I finally spring up and say to myself, “awesome save!”


Credit: James Davidson
Credit: James Davidson

Coleman G. Davidson is an eleven-year-old sixth grader from South Carolina. He plays goalie for Discoveries Soccer Club. In his spare time, Coleman likes to practice soccer, play video games, and fingerboard. He is also a wonderful big brother.






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