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Summer with SmokeLong: A Flash Workshop to Build Worlds

May 25, 2021

This workshop is sold out. If you would like to be on our workshop mailing list to receive advance information of upcoming workshops, please send us a not at editors@smokelong.com and we’ll set you up!


The summer is going to be legendary with SmokeLong. We’re thrilled to offer a seven-week workshop focused on world-building in flash–June 28 to August 15–with workshop leaders Christopher Allen, Nancy Au, and Jasmine Sawers.

Dates: June 28-Aug 15

Workshop leaders: Christopher Allen, Jasmine Sawers, Nancy Au

Cost: $399 (please email editors@smokelong.com for payment details)

Participants: Limited to 20

Workshop Overview:

Module One (June 28-July 11): Forms of Flash with Christopher Allen

What sets flash apart from other narrative forms? We’ll look at form in flash and take a deep dive into the various narrative devices that effect urgency.

Module Two (July 12-July 25): Fairy Tale in Flash with Jasmine Sawers

Folktales, myths, and fairy stories are often the blueprints through which we learn narrative as children—though their content is frequently dark and bloodthirsty. Let’s interrogate their rhetoric, musicality, and cultural insight (and impact) as we harness their sway over our imaginations with original fairy-tale flash of our own.

Module Three (July 26-Aug 8) Worldbuilding in Flash with Nancy Au

My module will be dedicated to showing how world-building helps writers craft immersive, vibrant, and evocative flash. Exploring, even off-page, the lived-in worlds and histories of our characters allows writers to access protagonists’ organic emotions, and to develop unique voices that elevate both the prose and the flash storylines.

Final Week (Aug 9-Aug15): Editing Flash with all three workshop leaders

Workshop Details:

The SmokeLong Workshops Online are asynchronous, so you can participate from anywhere in the world. Each module is two weeks long with all of the writing tasks in the first week. The second week is designed to give participants time to write, read, critique, and breathe. On Tuesday and Friday of the second week, participants have the opportunity to send the workshop leader a draft for feedback. Also, at the end of the seventh week, participants have the opportunity to send each workshop leader one last draft–for a total of seven drafts during the seven-week workshop.

The workshop participants will peer review in small groups of five, and these groups will be remixed for each module. The workshop leaders are not present in the small groups.

Large group discussion of writing tasks and prompts happen in the comments section of the writing tasks. The workshop leader is present in the large group. Please take advantage of this opportunity to interact. We encourage lively, positive discussion.

It all happens on a website devoted to the workshop. Everything happens very much like many other social media sites. You’ll need to know how to upload files and post comments. There are tutorials to help navigate the site, and we will help.

Please reach out if you have questions that are not answered here.

To book this course please email us at editors@smokelong.com and we will respond promptly with payment details.

All the best,



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