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Fridge Flash: Magic Cat

April 29, 2015

Hi, I am a girl cat. I am a superhero. Oh no, the bank is being robbed! Magic Cat is on the way! By the time she got there, the evil robots had the money in their hands. Then she ripped their robotic heads off. Then she realized that the robots lined up to spell SLUG. Dr. Slug was a scientist and he was doing experiments on slugs and then there was an accident and he got turned into a half-man half-slug. So then he said Oh, how about I be an evil slug scientist? Magic Cat went to Slug Labs where Dr. Slug was waiting for her with a Slug 6 Shooter. If you get shot with a Slug 6 Shooter, you become sluggish. But Magic Cat could dodge the gun and broke it but Dr. Slug had a Plan B: Getaway Catapult. He flung himself to Sandwich Island. Sandwich Island has coconut trees that grow sandwiches instead of coconuts. If you eat Sandwich Island though, it doesn’t taste like real sandwiches. The bread tastes like sand and so do the tomatoes. Magic Cat followed Dr. Slug to Sandwich Island and then they fought. Magic Cat won and Dr. Slug went to Slug Lover Jail. Magic Cat had an ice cream cone to celebrate. The ice cream was fish-flavored. The End.

stellaJancewiczStella Z. Jancewicz is a homeschooled 8-year-old. Her current interests include cats, dragons, superheroes, and graphic novels. She’s getting pretty good at multiplication. Her favorite food is lox. When she grows up she plans to be an artist and a scientist. She is very proud to be the cover model for the 2015 issue of Night Train.


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