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Issue Eighty-Three

March 2024

From the Editor

I have so much to tell you. Issue 83 is somewhat of a milestone. With the current issue we are introducing audio to SmokeLong, after 20 years. It took us a while. Please forgive us. Flash is meant to be heard, so we’re excited to offer this option. Issue 83 contains five narratives. This is… Continue reading New Front (continue reading)

Smokelong Quarterly Issue Eighty-Three

The Hybrid Flash: How to Dual-Wield Genre

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The Hybrid Flash with Erin Vachon

In this webinar/workshop, you will harness the experimental power of hybrid flash. You will discover the intertwined history of hybrid and flash, and read published flash crossed with image, poetry, and creative nonfiction. You will learn the rules of each genre, so you know how to break them.


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Issue Fifty-Two

A quick note before I talk about this issue’s amazing stories and content. Recently SmokeLong was made aware that some of our authors had their stories stolen by B. Mitchell Cator, whose collection of stories and novel included large sections of plagiarized text. C.R. Park’s story “I Can’t Talk About Butter Because Margarine Is All… Continue reading Issue Fifty-Two

Featuring stories by: Casey QuinnSteve EdwardsKaren DonovanDinah CoxCrissie McMullanShasta GrantEmily FloutonJohn RileyRosanne ScottMaggie NyeStacy Trautwein BurnsMelissa Scholes YoungA.A. BalaskovitsEileen MerrimanRemy BarnesSusan Kim CampbellNicole HebdonKelsey WioraAnne Elizabeth WeisgerberNancy AuDana Diehl

Didi Wood


Didi Wood

Didi Wood’s stories appear in Wigleaf, SmokeLong Quarterly, Okay Donkey, and elsewhere. Her work has been chosen for the Wigleaf Top 50 and nominated for The Best Small Fictions. More at didiwood.com.

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