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Issue Seventy-Four

December 2021

From the Editor

I have so much to tell you. This year the SmokeLong staff have read nearly 12,000 submissions and have published 58 narratives–each one our favorite. We are also thrilled to have published 12 cuentos in the first three editions of SmokeLong en Español, which comes out each quarter the week before the usual issue. Before… Continue reading New Front (continue reading)

Smokelong Quarterly Issue Seventy-Four

A SmokeLong Summer

May 30-Aug 28!

From May 30 to August 28 2022, SmokeLong is going to host a superworkshop. We want to spend the summer with you, the flash community. Our workshops take place on a devoted website where you can create a profile, interact with the flash community, and take part in group discussions on craft, but A SmokeLong Summer will be much more.

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Important: Once you have paid for this service, you will receive an email from us, at which time you will have the opportunity to attach your draft for critique. This is not an automated response, so please don’t be alarmed if it takes a few hours. We will respond. Please add any information you think… Continue reading Senior Editor Critique


Issue Twenty-Five

Out of about 1100 submissions and solicitations, these eighteen stories found each other. I imagine them hanging out at the start of this summer, ‘Slanguistic Lipstick’ full of “summer laughter” and that trademark “cherry moon on her crystal flute.” A garden party in Mexico City. Maybe that’s where they all spend this season. ‘Me and… Continue reading Issue Twenty-Five

Featuring stories by: Amanda NazarioBrandon WicksCynthia Helen BeecherDan ChaonDarlin’ NealDorianne LauxFrank DahaiGail Louise SiegelJoan HarveyLindsay Marianna WalkerMary HamiltonNatalie DeClerckPam BoltonRay VukcevichRyan RidgeSteven Douglas GullionTara LaskowskiZ.Z. Boone


Samuel Berman

Samuel Berman is a short story writer who lives in Boise, Idaho and works in a poorly ventilated warehouse with Bill & Whitney. They are terrific coworkers. He has had his work published in Six Sentences and Illuminations, with forthcoming work in Uproot Magazine and The Fourth River.

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