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Issue Eighty-Four — The SmokeLong Quarterly Award for Flash Fiction

June 2024

From the Editor

I have so much to tell you. I spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about why a journal hosts a competition at all–or conversely why everything isn’t a competition. I might never decide how I feel. The conversation, though, is an important one to have. I’d love to do an AWP panel on competitions:… Continue reading New Front (continue reading)

Smokelong Quarterly Issue Eighty-Four — The SmokeLong Quarterly Award for Flash Fiction

High Intensity Interval Training for Flash Writers with Ingrid Jendrzejewski

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Bring a pen, lots of paper, and your water bottle: this is a high-intensity guided-writing work-out designed to kickstart creativity, and push you into new territory, and exercise flash muscles you didn’t even know you had.

Maybe you’re stuck in a story and looking for a way to proceed.  Maybe you’re looking to generate new ideas.  Maybe your inner editor is holding you back.  Maybe you’re in a rut or have writers’ block or are just wanting to shake things up a bit.  This session is designed to tackle all these issues and help you level up your flash fitness.  Writers of all backgrounds and experience levels warmly welcome; come along, roll up your sleeves, and trust the process.

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Issue Sixty-Nine

Putting together an issue is a bit like compiling a collection which is a bit like arranging an album (something I have not done); or perhaps more accurately, like making a mixtape (something I once did obsessively). For every analogy, a different approach. In a record, you don’t want songs to copy the same beats;… Continue reading Issue Sixty-Nine

Featuring stories by: Francine WitteTom C. HunleyHananah ZaheerNicole VanderLindenK-Ming ChangKristen LoeschBryan Joe OkwesiliJohn Miguel ShakespearSara HillsTara Isabel ZambranoSudha BalagopalMaría Alejandra Barrios

Claudia Monpere

Claudia Monpere’s flash and short stories appear or are forthcoming in The Forge, River Teeth, Creative Nonfiction’s Sunday Short Reads, The Kenyon Review, Prairie Schooner and elsewhere. Her poems appear in many journals including The Cincinnati Review, New Ohio Review, Plume, Hunger Mountain and The Indianapolis Review. She’s a recipient of a Hedgebrook residency, lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and teaches at Santa Clara University. Claudia Monpere tweets @ClaudiaMonpere.

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