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Are you a workshop leader with at least 5 years of teaching experience, knowledge in the field of the flash narrative, and a connection to the flash community? We are always searching for webinar and workshop leaders who have something new and exciting to share with our workshop participants. We are not interested in webinars that teachers have done regularly elsewhere or are available already online.


Our Expectations for Webinar Leaders: 

Our webinars usually last 90 minutes and are as interactive as the webinar leader wants them to be while maintaining the informative purpose of the presentation. Your webinar/workshop should be focused on a specific theme relevant to the flash narrative. Our workshop participants all have at least a working knowledge of the flash form; many have a solid understanding of flash, and some teach the form themselves. Please assume that your audience has a solid grasp of the form.


$300 + 60% of proceeds after the tenth sale in the shop. This calculation does not included members of SmokeLong Fitness, who are all automatically invited to monthly webinars.

If you are interested in conducting a webinar/workshop for SmokeLong, please email us with your proposal at editor@smokelong.com.


Our Expectations for Workshop Leaders:

We occasionally offer one-week or three-week intensives on specific themes relevant to the flash narrative. All general requirements mentioned above apply. These workshops are all in writing–no live Zoom sessions.

For one-week intensives, you will be expected to be in the workshop (on our dedicated workshop site) at least once a day to respond to questions and lead discussion. Your intensive workshop should be on a specific theme relevant to flash and include three writing tasks (each including an alternative task). We can send you example writing tasks. You will be expected to give each participant specific feedback on one draft at the end of the week (or at the end of the three-week workshop). During the week, you will be expected to give general encouragement and guidance in both the small and large groups–no specific feedback on drafts until the end of the workshop.

Compensation: Please request our pay rates for intensive workshops.

If you are interested in conducting an intensive workshop for SmokeLong, please email us at editor@smokelong.com.

Christopher Allen



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