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A SmokeLong Summer — 2024

Aw! It’s too late to sign up for A SmokeLong Summer, but you can still join the virtual bookfair or A SmokeLong Summer Light!

How time flies when you’re writing flash. In 2022, SmokeLong launched its first summer-long flash party, and it was an amazing event. So many flash narratives were born, sent out into the world, and published. We still get messages from participants almost every day excited about stories that have found their homes. Then we did it all over again in 2023. Webinars, author readings, panel discussions, open mics, and of course writing tasks three times a week, workshopping in small groups on our dedicated website, and community. Last summer was hot, and this summer looks like it’s going to be even hotter.

The official opening event for A SmokeLong Summer 24 is on June 1! Please register by May 31!


We’ve added a two-month virtual bookfair to our summer events this year! We’ll be talking to publishers all summer long, and we can’t wait.

Events Calendar

A SmokeLong Summer 2024

The Various Ways to Participate: 

Bookfair Special — $49 — BOOK HERE

Participation in the A SmokeLong Summer virtual bookfair, pre-recorded publisher interviews, publishers panel discussion with Autumn House, Alternating Current Press, Rose Metal Press, and Curbstone Books; 3 open mic parties; optional participation in a SmokeLong reading group; and a SmokeLong shop coupon for $10!

A SmokeLong Summer Light — $79 — BOOK HERE

Everything in the Bookfair Special above plus one of the three webinars with Steve Edwards, Ingrid Jendrzejewski, or Farhana Khalique; and one entry into each of the two summer competitions!

A SmokeLong Summer — The Works! — $169 —This option is sold out. 

Everything above in Bookfair Special and A SmokeLong Summer Light plus the following:

Workshop in small groups of around 15 participants. We will do 3 writing tasks each week from June 3 to July 28, and you can decide your pace: cardio (high intensity group) or endurance (medium intensity group). All interaction is in writing, so you can participate anytime from anywhere.

The Big ASS* raffle. This year we’re going to give stuff away. Lots of it. $2000 worth of it.

Discounts on senior editor feedback

A free extension for the month of August for anyone wanting to hang around and write with SmokeLong Fitness for another few weeks.

Participation Options at a Glance (expand to view):

*ASS = A SmokeLong Summer (hee hee)





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SmokeLong Fitness--The Community Workshop

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Included in the price of SmokeLong Fitness:

The Community Workshop in small groups
One live Zoom webinar each month with killer workshop leaders (recorded for participants unable to attend).
One open-mic party each month (or other live Zoom events)
Discounts on intensive workshops
Discounts on senior editor feedback
Surprises (good ones)