Issue Forty-One

Published September 23, 2013

Letter from the Editor (41)
by Nancy Stebbins


Bit Player by Adam Peterson

Fishtank by Bindu Bansinath

The Circus by Carla Chait

Lecce by David Mohan

After the Thaw by Freda Love Smith

Pierce to Vent by Karen Dietrich

We Do Chicken Right by Kayla Rae Whitaker

Mise en Place by Kristin Bonilla

Sometimes We Both Fight in Wars by Leesa Cross-Smith

The Five Different Ways They Died by Leigh Allison Wilson

Champagne? by Luke Wiget

The Final Hours of Madeline Le Vin and her Flight Engineer by Margaret Patton Chapman

God Finds All Pirates by Maxim Loskutoff

The Eleventh Floor Ghost by Megan Giddings

A Special Hell by Meg Carroll

Yellowjackets by Rebecca Podos

Rain Delay by Shawn Rubenfeld

Larissa Shoots the Moon by Teresa Milbrodt

The Toy by Tracey S. Rosenberg


Smoking With Adam Peterson interviewed by Brandon Wicks

Smoking With Bindu Bansinath interviewed by Nancy Stebbins

Smoking With Carla Chait interviewed by Christopher Allen

Smoking With David Mohan interviewed by Aliya Whiteley

Smoking With Freda Love Smith interviewed by Tara Laskowski

Smoking With Karen Dietrich interviewed by Tara Laskowski

Smoking With Kayla Rae Whitaker interviewed by Spencer Wise

Smoking With Kristin Bonilla interviewed by Megan Giddings

Smoking With Leesa Cross-Smith interviewed by Ashley Inguantainterviewed by Leesa Cross-Smith

Smoking With Leigh Allison Wilson interviewed by Isaac Boone Davis

Smoking With Luke Wiget interviewed by Cynthia Larsen

Smoking With Margaret Patton Chapman interviewed by Wendy Oleson

Smoking With Maxim Loskutoff interviewed by Nancy Stebbins

Smoking With Megan Giddings interviewed by Ashley Inguanta

Smoking With Meg Carroll interviewed by Joshua Denslow

Smoking With Rebecca Podos interviewed by Josh Denslow

Smoking With Shawn Rubenfeld interviewed by Claudia Smith

Smoking With Teresa Milbrodt interviewed by Joshua Denslow

Smoking With Tracey Rosenberg interviewed by Dan Crawley