SmokeLong Weekly for April 26, 2017:

Dream Barbie

by Mamie Pound

He keeps her in the bedroom, hands in her lap, face straight ahead. Or either she’s doing the splits, like a cheerleader. After work, they watch television together. She straddles the recliner’s arm. He keeps the remote. Despite her big hair and blue eyeliner, he realizes she’s probably a liberal. But he doesn’t let it … Continue reading Dream Barbie

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Issue Fifty-Five

March 20, 2017

This Week’s Reader:

Josh Denslow

Josh Denslow’s stories have appeared in Barrelhouse, Third Coast, Cutbank, Wigleaf, and Black Clock, among others. His collection NOT EVERYONE IS SPECIAL is forthcoming from 7.13 Books. He currently lives in Dripping Springs, Texas which is thirty miles from Austin but feels like the middle of nowhere. In addition to constructing elaborate Lego sets with his three boys, he plays the drums in the band Borrisokane and is currently brainstorming ways to shoot his first feature film.

Read the interview with Josh Denslow

Cool Stuff Writers Do: Our Associate Editor Is Going to Be on Jeopardy!

SmokeLong Associate Editor and resident trivia buff Meghan Carlton Phillips will be appearing as a contestant on the beloved game show Jeopardy! this Friday, April 21, 2017. Will she make it a true Daily Double? Will she give an undying shout-out to SmokeLong Quarterly? Will she win big and buy us all jet planes? Check … Continue reading Cool Stuff Writers Do: Our Associate Editor Is Going to Be on Jeopardy!


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