SmokeLong Weekly for October 17, 2018:

The Unicorn

by Ashley Kalagian Blunt

Lane Cove is where individuality goes to die. Lane Cove isn’t interested in your ideas, unless your ideas are how to be more like everybody else in Lane Cove. The Unicorn is Lane Cove’s natural enemy. The Unicorn is knee-high socks, stripped crimson and yellow. The Unicorn is a purple taffeta tutu, a t-shirt with … Continue reading The Unicorn

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The Sand and the SeaBy Michelle Ross

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Government-issued BunniesBy Caroline Bock

Issue Sixty-One

September 17, 2018

This Week’s Reader:

Qiana Towns

Qiana Towns is a lifelong resident of north Flint. She is a graduate of the Master of Fine Arts program at Bowling Green State University and the Master of Arts program at Central Michigan University. Qiana has published in various literary journals including Harvard Review online. Currently, she is mobile unit Administrator for Genesee Health System's water outreach team and an online instructor for Southern New Hampshire University. In addition to her professional and community endeavors, Qiana is mom to two exceptional daughters--Sam and Cass.

Read the interview with Qiana Towns

Book Review: Sarah Layden’s The Story I Tell Myself About Myself

by Frannie McMillan The 15 stories in Sarah Layden’s new collection of flash fiction, The Story I Tell Myself About Myself (Sonder Press, August 2018), offer readers failed couplings, bad medical news (or anticipated bad news), infertility, death, unexplained physical anomalies, attempted recovery, and a mad libs style fill-in-the-blank story. The Story I Tell Myself … Continue reading Book Review: Sarah Layden’s The Story I Tell Myself About Myself