SmokeLong Weekly for March 18, 2018:


by Alex Eaker

Cubalub, my son woke up saying the last time he was home. Cubalub in his calloused, cigarette-torn voice. I started to like how he said it, liked how he spoke as if it were something obvious, a given, a garnish on top life. “Cubalub,” he said over my croissant. “Ha,” I chuckled. “What does it … Continue reading Cubalub

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Issue Fifty-Eight

December 18, 2017

This Week’s Reader:

SmokeLong Staff

The SmokeLong Quarterly staff will be reading all submissions for the SmokeLong Award for Flash Fiction, February 5--May 20, 2018. Click through for more information!

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Anticipated FAQs about the SmokeLong Award for Flash Fiction

Submissions are live for The Smokey, so we’re already anticipating that some folks might have a few questions about the award and why the heck we’re doing it. Here is a handy guide (which may be updated as actual questions come our way) of all you’ve ever wanted to know about The Smokey. Enter through … Continue reading Anticipated FAQs about the SmokeLong Award for Flash Fiction