Smokelong Weekly for July 7, 2015:

Natural Disaster

art by Karrah Kobus
by Jessica Plante

My mother wore the broken back of the house inside her. She made us grey dinners and lifted her face to see our faces when our lips moved. “Hello,” was all her face said, even if we made her angry, even if I yelled at my brother for taking the last piece of breast meat … Continue reading Natural Disaster

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Bird of ParadiseBy Alexander Lumans

PubertyBy Kat Gonso

DroneBy Gary V. Powell

The Sadness of SpiritsBy Aimee Pogson


Issue Forty-Eight

June 22, 2015

This Week’s Reader:

Kathleen Founds

Kathleen Founds has worked at a nursing home, a phone bank, a South Texas middle school, and a Midwestern technical college specializing in truck-driving certificates. She got her undergraduate degree at Stanford and her MFA at Syracuse. She teaches social justice themed English classes at Cabrillo College in Watsonville, CA, and writes while her toddler is napping. Her work has been published in The Sun, Good Housekeeping, The New Yorker Online, Salon, and American Short Fiction Online. Her novel-in-stories, When Mystical Creatures Attack! won the 2014 University of Iowa Press John Simmons Short Fiction Award and was named a New York Times Notable Book.

Read the interview with Kathleen Founds

News from Contributors and Staff

SmokeLong Contributors News:   Bezalel Stern’s story, “It’s Happened to Everyone,” was published at Wigleaf on February 1, and his poem, “A Night in Spain,” appeared in Empty Mirror on February 10. His story, “Sparks,” was featured in Issue Forty-Three. The very first issue of Michael Don’s journal Kikwetu: A Journal of East African Literature … Continue reading News from Contributors and Staff


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