SmokeLong Weekly for May 26, 2016:

Summer Baby

Art by Paul H. Weisgerber
by Anne Elizabeth Weisgerber

The seventeen-year cicadas punched out in May and throttled through June. On porch evenings, sitting with my Apollos, we discerned three calls. One with four distinct parts, one with two crescendos, and a third went skeedle-dee-boppity-doobop-deedleeeeee. I couldn’t decode cricket, noise looping excitedly all around in the night, in the trees: labor pains. What are … Continue reading Summer Baby

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Issue Fifty-One

March 21, 2016

This Week’s Reader:

Ryan Ireland

Ryan Ireland is the author of two novels—Ghosts of the Desert andBeyond the Horizon. He is an advocate for strong public libraries and has written for Public Library Quarterly as well as Voice of Youth Advocates.

Read the interview with Ryan Ireland

Fridge Flash: Left Corner

Credit: Elvert Barnes

Today’s Fridge Flash comes from sixth grader Coleman Davidson, who expertly captures the chaos and drama of the final moments of the big game.  By Coleman G. Davidson Today, I played awesome in goalie. I even saved a penalty kick. The other team was pushing, kicking, elbowing, and even kneed one of our players in … Continue reading Fridge Flash: Left Corner


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