Smokelong Weekly for May 23, 2015:

The Easy Arm of Adam

art by Jessica Clark
by Katie McClendon

They left the nunnery, where they’d been renting a room, already upset. On the day of their visit to the Sistine Chapel, the weather was hotter than expected and muggy. Emma was anxious to get to their destination. Charlotte complained about the new, stiff sandals she’d purchased at the market and the way her fine … Continue reading The Easy Arm of Adam

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Ghosht KormaBy Rachna Kulshrestha

Old Man Falling Off of StoolBy Timur Jonathan Karaca

Any Friend of My FriendBy Mardith Louisell

Broken BirdsBy Debbie Kinsey

cover birds

Issue Forty-Seven

April 6, 2015

This Week’s Reader:

Colin Winnette

Colin Winnette is the author of five books, most recently Haints Stay (Two Dollar Radio, 2015). He is an associate editor for PANK magazine. He lives in San Francisco.

Read the interview with Colin Winnette

Artist Spotlight: Karen Prosen


How would you describe your art?  Absent-mindfulness patterns paired with uninformed experiments on shading and the female form. When did you understand that you wanted to pursue art? Tell me about this discovery. Unfortunately, not until I was in college when I started with photography. I credit Ralph Giunta and Troy Ansley with teaching me … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Karen Prosen


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