SmokeLong Weekly for July 21, 2017:


by William Todd Seabrook

The channel was so narrow the manatees could only swim through in single file, and we took turns diving into the water, riding their backs for a few seconds before surfacing. Their skin was soothing to touch, the globs of creatures that they were. Their blubbery bodies galumphing through the water filled us with a … Continue reading Manatees

More stories:

Night RunBy Monica Lewis

FloodplainBy John Jodzio

Encuentro NocturnoBy Rodolfo Rivas

ForksBy Kevin Matz

Issue Fifty-Six

June 19, 2017

This Week’s Reader:

Allison Pinkerton

Allison Pinkerton is the 2017 Kathy Fish fellow at SmokeLong Quarterly. Her work is forthcoming in Image, and has been published online at Monkeybicycle, The Pinch, and elsewhere.

Read the interview with Allison Pinkerton

Fridge Flash: Not Going Back

Today’s Fridge Flash is from nine-year-old Ethan. Ethan shares a poignant story about love, loss, and childhood friendships that last a lifetime.   By Ethan Hampel   Jone was standing outside his house with the pointy roof. Up in the pointy roof was nothing. But he, he didn’t think that was right. His whole house … Continue reading Fridge Flash: Not Going Back


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