Smokelong Weekly for November 29, 2015:

He Called Me Honeybunch

Art by Ashley Inguanta
by Karen Sherk Chio

He called me Honeybunch and I called him Sweetheart. He came over when I totaled my Nana’s car. I wrote him a poem on sage-scented paper for the anniversary of his brother’s death, and gave it to him before a pink sunrise. He held me close as our hearts pounded in shock over the blue … Continue reading He Called Me Honeybunch

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PartingBy Elizabeth Morton

MemoryBy Sean Lovelace

When They Say Share the Road They Don’t Know What I’ve Already GivenBy Dennis Scott Herbert

The Butterfly EffectBy Marc Joan

art  by Josh George

Issue Forty-Nine

September 21, 2015

This Week’s Reader:

Heather Peterson

Heather Wells Peterson earned her MFA in Fiction from the University of Florida in 2014. Her work has appeared in The Collagist, SmokeLong Quarterly, and Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art, among othersShe is currently living in Vermont with her father, her dog, and five sheep, while she and her agent search for a home for her first novel.  

Read the interview with Heather Peterson

SmokeLong Announces Pushcart Prize Nominations


We are always thrilled to have such fine work in our issues, and 2015 was an especially great year. The following stories have been selected by SmokeLong for nomination for the newest Pushcart Prize anthology. Good luck to all the writers!   Our 2015 nominations: The Pool Guy by Jessica Alexander Aquarium by Elaine Chiew … Continue reading SmokeLong Announces Pushcart Prize Nominations


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