SmokeLong Weekly for July 27, 2017:

All of us are in pieces

by Melissa Goode

A fire gutted the tire factory three streets from our old apartment, where he still lives. It burned for days. The suburb was covered with a thick, gray pall for a week. Tires contain particularly flammable components, he tells me. He lists them. I am slipping away, floating from the cafe and down the street. … Continue reading All of us are in pieces

More stories:

ManateesBy William Todd Seabrook

Night RunBy Monica Lewis

FloodplainBy John Jodzio

Encuentro NocturnoBy Rodolfo Rivas

Issue Fifty-Six

June 19, 2017

This Week’s Reader:

Tara Laskowski

Tara Laskowski has been editor at SmokeLong Quarterly since 2010. Her short story collection Bystanders was hailed by Jennifer Egan as "a bold, riveting mash-up of Hitchcockian suspense and campfire-tale chills." She is also the author of Modern Manners For Your Inner Demons, tales of dark etiquette. Her fiction has been published in the Norton anthology Flash Fiction International, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Mid-American Review, and numerous other journals, magazines, and anthologies. Tara lives and works in a suburb of Washington, D.C.

Read the interview with Tara Laskowski

Fridge Flash: Not Going Back

Today’s Fridge Flash is from nine-year-old Ethan. Ethan shares a poignant story about love, loss, and childhood friendships that last a lifetime.   By Ethan Hampel   Jone was standing outside his house with the pointy roof. Up in the pointy roof was nothing. But he, he didn’t think that was right. His whole house … Continue reading Fridge Flash: Not Going Back


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