SmokeLong Weekly for May 2, 2016:

The Tale End

art by Scott E. Anderson
by Susan Kim Campbell

My boyfriend doesn’t like fish.  He is Asian, Chinese-American to be exact, so I find this funny.  I am Asian, Korean-American to be exact, so I feel free to tell him so. Well, you don’t like ginger, he says. True, but being Asian and not liking fish is like, well, not liking rice! He grins.  … Continue reading The Tale End

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Issue Fifty-One

March 21, 2016

This Week’s Reader:

Brandon Wicks

A native of South Carolina, Brandon Wicks currently resides in Philadelphia, where he writes, teaches, and contributes as an associate editor to SmokeLong Quarterly. He is the author of the novel American Fallout. His short fiction, essays, and poetry have appeared Pembroke Magazine, Sou’wester, The Southern Poetry Anthology, and other publications. He earned his MFA in Creative Writing from George Mason University.

Read the interview with Brandon Wicks

What is Possible


In SmokeLong‘s “Why Flash Fiction?” series, flash fiction writers and editors explore what draws them to the form, from the first time they wrote a piece of flash to why flash resonates with them. In this column, flash fiction writer and Longform Contributing Fiction Editor James Yates compares and contrasts his experiences with flash and longer … Continue reading What is Possible


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