SmokeLong Weekly for December 4, 2016:

The Enchantment

art by Katelin Kinney
by Emily B. Cataneo

The bear will knock on your door on a night deep in winter. It will smell of ice and the secret corners of the forest. Its fur will gleam whiter than the blue-tinged snow sloping away to the larches and birches that shelter your cottage. You’ve always suspected-dreaded-hoped that a bear would someday arrive on … Continue reading The Enchantment

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The Body’s AmenBy Brigitte N. McCray

Independence DayBy Marysa LaRowe

The Way of Things NowBy Linda Niehoff

The Father’s StoryBy Matthew Barrett

art by Catherine Hoffman

Issue Fifty-Three

September 19, 2016

This Week’s Reader:

Paul Asta

Paul Asta was born in South Korea and raised in the Chicago suburbs. He is a founding member of Frontier Slumber, and edits poetry for Hobart. You can find more at

Read the interview with Paul Asta

Flash, Back: The Collected Stories of Isaac Babel


SmokeLong‘s “Flash, Back” series asks writers to discuss flash fiction that may be obscure or printed before the term “flash fiction” became popular, and tell us how these older or not widely-known works are meaningful. Stefen Styrsky waxes poetic on the day he discovered Isaac Babel and it changed his life. Submit your own “Flash, … Continue reading Flash, Back: The Collected Stories of Isaac Babel


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