SmokeLong Weekly for August 28, 2016:

House of Mirrors

Art by Katelin Kinney
by Paul Crenshaw

The woman who works at House of Mirrors must see herself more clearly than she cares to: her image always reflected back at her from every angle, always catching herself looking at herself and herself and herself, repeated to infinity. I suppose we could take the long view and say the hallway behind her never … Continue reading House of Mirrors

More stories:

My Husband Is Made of AshBy Jennifer Todhunter

At SeaBy Ashley Hutson

The Farmers’ MarketBy Hannah Harlow

Little PlumBy Ari Braverman

art by Alexander C. Kafka

Issue Fifty-Two

June 20, 2016

This Week’s Reader:

James Tadd Adcox

James Tadd Adcox is the author of a novel, Does Not Love, and a collection of short stories, The Map of the System of Human Knowledge. His work has appeared in GrantaBarrelhouseSmokeLong, and TriQuarterly, among other places.​ A novella, Repetition, is forthcoming October 2016 from Cobalt Press (and currently available for preorder)

Read the interview with James Tadd Adcox

Flash as a Second Language

Credit: Mark Budman

This week’s “Why Flash Fiction?” essay from Mark Budman muses on his journey toward writing flash in a second language. Submit your own “Why Flash Fiction?” article or other flash-related essays on our Submittable page!    By Mark Budman Everyone who ever put together the words “flash” and “fiction” knows that the resulting term describes a very short … Continue reading Flash as a Second Language


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