SmokeLong Weekly for January 23, 2018:


by Shea Stripling

Flyers shiver like prayer flags in the blue of December. Multicolored flocks of “Fermentation Classes,” “free guitar lessons,” “NUDE WOMEN!” are clipped to the cord. Women in the neighborhood throw their wet panties across, balance bras cup side front, hope they don’t find them floating down second avenue. Children play jump rope with the slack. … Continue reading umbilical

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Issue Fifty-Eight

December 18, 2017

This Week’s Reader:

Michael B. Tager

Michael B. Tager is a Baltimore-based writer and editor. He is the Managing Editor of Mason Jar Press, an independent publisher of high-quality books. Recent publications include Hobart, Barrelhouse, The Collagist and Electric Literature. He lives with his wife and cats, and thinks the Oxford Comma is for suckers.

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Our Ten Most Popular Stories of 2017

As we close out an amazing year of flash fiction, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of our contributors—the writers who sent us their beautiful words, the artists who contributed their amazing work, the interviewers who brought the stories behind the stories to life, and most of all our guest editors, who … Continue reading Our Ten Most Popular Stories of 2017