SmokeLong Weekly for May 25, 2017:

How to be Another Person in Five Days

by Rebecca Bernard

1 You will begin by letting go. Lie down and open your mouth. Can you feel them? The air particles are moving in and out, alighting on your tongue and residing in your being. The secret is in the kind of particles. If you taste yellow, stand up. This yellow is sweet like the melancholy … Continue reading How to be Another Person in Five Days

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Issue Fifty-Five

March 20, 2017

This Week’s Reader:

Kim Winternheimer

Kim Winternheimer's work has appeared in Tin House online, Lightspeed MagazineLittle Fictionand The Rumpus to name a few, but her passion is in her role as the Founding Editor of The Masters Review, a publication that focuses on new and emerging writers.

Read the interview with Kim Winternheimer

Fridge Flash: Anger

Today’s Fridge Flash is from ten-year-old Kaia, who uses imagery to represent the fire of emotion.   By Kaia Wootton   ANGER Anger; the smell of smoke


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