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The Life of Foxy

April 4, 2019

by Fiona B


Editor’s Note: Fiona is 8 years old. Foxy is her best friend. She likes dinosaurs and Five Nights At Freddy’s (FNAF). She likes to draw and watch squishy-makeover videos.


Once-a-pon a time there was a lonely plush Foxy who only wanted to be loved by people. Every time he came near one they would run away after that he would go back to his home in a ally and sleep till the next day. Then he would get up and look for food he would go around town looking in windows but when the people saw him they scream and plush Foxy would run back to the ally all scared. Then he felt sleepy and he fell asleep. The next day it was raining but he pooked his head out and saw a plush getting wet Foxy said “want to come in here” the plush stood up and walked to the covered ally the plush sat down inside. Foxy said “my name is Foxy what is yours?” the plush said “Funtime Foxy” and they lived happily ever after.



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