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The SmokeLong Quarterly Fellowship for Emerging Writers 2023

For over a decade SmokeLong has supported emerging writers mostly through The Kathy Fish Fellowship, later renamed The SmokeLong Quarterly Fellowship for Emerging Writers. As we have grown, we’ve decided to offer a program that will help not only one emerging writer per year but up to ten.

The SmokeLong Fellowship for Emerging Writers 2023 — July to December

As a SmokeLong Fellow you will read the SmokeLong submissions queue for six months with our submissions editors, gaining valuable experience behind the scenes at a lively literary journal.

You will also have free access to SmokeLong Fitness–the Community Workshop of SmokeLong Quarterly for six months. Participation in this workshop is expected from SmokeLong Fellows.

You will receive feedback on your writing every two weeks from at least one senior SmokeLong editor.

Application Requirements

Applicants must be

  • emerging writers, meaning writers who have not published a book-length work of fiction or non-fiction;
  • passionate about the form and future of the flash narrative;
  • eighteen years of age or older;
  • willing to spend 8-10 hours a week reading submissions and participating in the workshop;
  • excited about learning.

What we want to see:

  • two examples of your writing (each under 1000 words)
  • a statement of your commitment including your reasons for applying for this fellowship

Ready to apply? Deadline June 5, midnight EST!

Apply for the fellowship. 


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SmokeLong Fitness--The Community Workshop

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Book SmokeLong Fitness now to begin September 1, 2023 and join in the last modules of A SmokeLong Summer at no extra charge. If you’ve done a SmokeLong workshop before, you can join for just $300!