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A SmokeLong Summer FAQ

Are you considering joining A SmokeLong Summer from May 30 to August 28 but have questions? We have answers. For general information like pricing and dates, please go HERE first.

Will I have to be present online at a specific time to participate in the workshop?

No. The core workshop and the add-on intensive weeks are all asynchronous. You can participate when you have time.

How much time should I plan per day/week for this workshop?

We recommend setting aside 1-2 hours per day (this really depends on how quickly you draft). We ask that you give feedback to your groupmates within two days to help keep the small groups lively.

How many people will be in my small peer-reviewing group?

8-10 participants

Where does this workshop take place?

SmokeLong has a dedicated website we use for our online, asynchronous workshops. We’ll send you the log-in information/invitation a few days before A SmokeLong Summer begins.

What if I can’t/don’t have time to participate in the workshop but would love to have access to the writing tasks.

You can have the writing tasks sent to your email. This option will be available in the SmokeLong Shop beginning March 1.

What if I don’t have time to participate all summer long? 

There are two-month options available in the SmokeLong Shop (beginning March 1).

What happens at the Zoom Flash Parties?

The regular Zoom flash parties will be open-mic events with mingling in Zoom’s breakout rooms between readings.

What other events are planned?

We will have 2 panels and at least 4 single-author events. These events will usually be on a Saturday or Sunday and will be recorded when permitted for people who cannot attend. More information to come!

What if I can’t participate in A SmokeLong Summer but I want to attend one or more of the single-author reading events?

You can purchase a ticket to the single author events in the SmokeLong Shop starting May 1.

Is this also a competition?

Life is a competition. And there is a competitive aspect to A SmokeLong Summer. During the last week of the workshop, we will be hosting several competitions with large cash prizes. We will also be publishing a special edition of SmokeLong Quarterly with the best narratives from A SmokeLong Summer.

When is the booking deadline?

May 28 for the full summer and the first two months option

June 25 for the two-month option June 27-August 28





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A SmokeLong Summer

May 30-Aug 28!

From May 30 to August 28 2022, SmokeLong is going to host a superworkshop. We want to spend the summer with you, the flash community. Our workshops take place on a devoted website where you can create a profile, interact with the flash community, and take part in group discussions on craft, but A SmokeLong Summer will be much more.