The SmokeLong Editors take over the queue!

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From February 10 to May 24, the SmokeLong editors will be reading the queue to find at least 12 astounding stories for our 17th-anniversary issue in June. General submissions will re-open on May 25.

What kind of stories will we be looking for?

For the SmokeLong Quarterly Award for Flash Fiction (affectionately The Smokey) we’re looking for powerful, layered narratives–from heart-stopping micros to 1ooo-worders that feel tight and urgent. We want to see that story only you can tell.

A bit about the judging process and the prizes?

We will be responding to entries along the way, so you will not have to wait until the end of May to know if your story has made it to the long list. The grand prize this year is $2000, but everyone in the issue will be compensated.

We hope you’ve been polishing your entries for months (or years?), but even if you’ve only just this moment found the competition, you have until May 24 to send us something you love–so get writing!

Where do I get more information?

Go HERE for guidelines and more information, or click on the link below to enter.


About the Reader:

From February 10 to May 24, the SmokeLong Editors will be reading the queue for the June competition issue. Grand prize $2000! The SmokeLong Editors are Christopher Allen, Shasta Grant, Tara Laskowski, Sherrie Flick, Jan Elman Stout, Meghan Phillips, April Bradley, Helen Rye, Sharmini Aphrodite, Nancy Au, Daniel DiFranco, Elisabeth Ingram Wallace, Hadiyyah Kuma, and the 2020 SmokeLong Fellow María Alejandra Barrios. Global flash editor for French: Michelle Bailat-Jones. Art director: Paul Bilger. Interviews editor: Michael Czyzniejewski.

About the Interviewer:

Christopher Allen is a translator, freelance editor and the author of the flash fiction collection Other Household Toxins (Matter Press). Allen’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Best Small Fictions 2019, [PANK], Booth, Indiana Review, Split Lip Magazine, and others. He is the editor of SmokeLong Quarterly.