SmokeLong’s Most Popular Stories and Interviews of 2015

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We launched a newly designed site in April 2015, and you all responded kindly by actually visiting it! From April to December, SmokeLong Quarterly had more than 62,000 site visits and more than 147,000 page views. Our June 2015 issue (Issue 48) was the most read issue of the year.

Following are the most popular stories, blog posts, and author and guest editor interviews for the year. Check ’em out if you missed any of them:

Top Five Most Read Stories:

Bait by Amy Sayre Baptista (guest editor Christen Aragoni)

Old Man Falling Off of Stool by Timur Jonathan Karaca (guest editor Margaret Luongo)

The Moon Is a Wasteland by Daniel DiFranco (guest editor Ryan Bloom)

Puberty by Kat Gonso (guest editor Beth Cox Thomas)

Things You Won’t Tell Your Therapist by Colleen Kearney Rich (staff guest reader Isaac Boone Davis)


Top Five Blog Posts:

Part I of Teaching Flash Fiction by Virgie Townsend

Stories We’d Like to See More Of in 2016

Back to the Future: A Sestina by Angie Mazakis

SmokeLong Announces Pushcart Prize Nominations

The Excess of the Short-Short by Rachel Levy


Top Five Author Interviews:

Jessica Alexander

Coco Mellors

Kat Gonso

Amy Sayre Baptista

Mardith Louisell


Top Five Guest Editor Interviews:

Julia Strayer

Rion Amilcar Scott

Robbie Shapard

Christine Hyung-Oak Lee

Bezalel Stern