Record Albums

by Sherrie Flick Read author interview September 28, 2009

There was the one boyfriend who took pride in not organizing his thousands of record albums. The others had systems—by type, by last name, chronological. But this one just said, “I know where every single one is.” He said, “I love pop music.” He said, “Little girls just fall in love with me.” He said, “I’m trying to give you love.” He said, “I’m worried about my sister.” He said, “I’ll never stop smoking.” He said, “Go ahead. Pick one, any one that you want to play.”

About the Author:

Sherrie Flick's chapbook of flash fiction I Call This Flirting is out with Flume Press (2004) and University of Nebraska Press just published her first novel, Reconsidering Happiness.

About the Artist:

Robinson Accola creates artwork for SmokeLong Quarterly as needed.