For Cubby

by Chris Wells Read author interview September 22, 2014

They felt good and threw cold beer on their feet, then came over to an important pieceashit truck on the street that served as a desk, yelling through cigarettes that Harry was nuthin but a nervous bitchofawife for not having a union forem ta bein. Comeon, why dont ya start planning for a place at the table? Aw comeon fellas, always breakin my balls. Quit it, willya?

So eventually they went to the glass in front of the truck and finished fixing their hair, kidding and laughing and leaning around.

About the Author:

Chris Wells lives in central Ohio with his wife and animals. White Kitty, his debut novel, was published by Flaming Giblet Press in 2009.

About the Artist:

Julian J Jackson has been a professional photographer for more than ten years. He worked for the Times/News of Hendersonville, NC, from 2006 to 2010 and his photographs have been published in many magazines and journals such as Our State Magazine, Blue Ridge Now Magazine, Whitefish Review, Grey Sparrow Journal, Stone Path Review, and The Photographers Society. In August of 2012, he moved to Xinzheng, China, with his wife, author Cathy Adams. They live in a unique environment with 150 foreign faculty on a campus of 25,000 Chinese students. Living and working in China has provided them with a space to further pursue our creative talents.