#FlashGiving Winners and Stories

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It’s been an amazing week of flash fiction giving and receiving. Thank you to everyone who participated in SmokeLong’s #FlashGiving!

We discovered many wonderful pieces of flash fiction, while celebrating and saying thank you to the talented writers who created them. Please check out the hashtag #FlashGiving to read all the stories.

Five lucky individuals were chosen at random to receive a copy of Randall Brown’s Pocket Guide to Flash Fiction. Below are the winners and a story they tweeted to us:


Christina Dalcher tweeted us Ani King’s “Conjugate ‘to be’, using complete sentences,” published at freeze frame fiction.


Cathy Ulrich tweeted us Rebecca Harrison’s “The Slinky” published at Menacing Hedge.


Jan Stinchcomb tweeted us Ashley Hutson’s “The Hen of God” published at The Conium Review.


Voimaoy tweeted us F.E. Clark’s “The Solstice Shade” published at The Molotov Cocktail.


Sophie van Llewyn tweeted us Paul Beckman’s “I Have a Problem” published at Spelk.

Thank you again to everyone who participated. Happy #FlashGiving!