Get your name in to win! #flashgiving 2019

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Looking to sort your Christmas gift list? Or do you just need some great books to bridge the holiday season?

This year for FlashGiving, we have decided to give away some of our contributors’ flash fiction collections. Two people, one of our Twitter followers plus one of our Twitter follower’s followers, will receive a bundle of books just in time for the holidays.

To get your name in the hat:

  1. Tweet to @smokelong a list of flash fiction journals you love (tag them) and tag your followers who are new to flash fiction (no singing to the choir, please).

    Example Tweet:

    Hey @smokelong, I love @XXXJournal, @YYYreview, @QDVquarterly and would love my friends to follow them forever and ever. @friend, @alsofriend, @sortoffriend, @freindwhoneverreadsmywork, @friendwhohasneverheardofflashfiction, etc. #flashgiving

  2. Be sure to include the hashtag #flashgiving in your tweet.

Both you and the followers you tag will then be eligible to win the book bundles. It’s that simple. We’ll run this giveaway until 9:00am EST Sunday November 24 and announce the winners later that day.

Happy FlashGiving!