Issue Forty-Six

Published December 17, 2014

Letter from the Editor (46)
by Tara Laskowski


Builders by Caitlin Corrigan

When the Stalks Were Bugs’ Umbrellas by Cheska Avery Lynn

Brother Bill Leaves the Narrow Path by Dan Leach

Under the Dark by Dawn Bailey

Sea & Land by Dominic Preziosi

Summerhaven by Erica Plouffe Lazure

Difficult Times by Jeff Friedman

Melting by Jennifer Shipley

Evening Special by Jenny Halper

Lauren Lights Out by Joshua Rupp

Let’s Say by Julia Strayer

This Is What I Know about Being Gigantic by Justin Brouckaert

Cribs by Kate Wisel

I’m Coming for the Baby by Letitia Trent

Reset by Marisela Navarro

Exterminator by Sean Mackey

Ashes by Sherrie Flick

Through the Bottle by Vicki Wilson

FROM THE ARCHIVES: The Village with All of the Boyfriends by Zachary Doss

Take My Hand. Look Both Ways. by Amy Foster Myer


Smoking With Amy Foster Myer interviewed by Bailey Gaylin Moore

Smoking With Caitlin Corrigan interviewed by Camille-Yvette Welsch

Smoking With Cheska Lynn interviewed by Megan Giddings

Smoking With Dan Leach interviewed by Cate McGowan

Smoking With Dawn Bailey interviewed by An Tran

Smoking With Dominic Preziosi interviewed by Andy Myers

Smoking With Erica Plouffe Lazure interviewed by Jen Brown

Smoking With Jeff Friedman interviewed by Tara Laskowski

Smoking With Jennifer Shipley interviewed by Tara Laskowski

Smoking With Jenny Halper interviewed by Sara Lippmann

Smoking With Joshua Rupp interviewed by Michael Czyzniejewski

Smoking With Julia Strayer interviewed by Shelly Weathers

Smoking With Justin Brouckaert interviewed by Joe Lucido

Smoking With Kate Wisel interviewed by Michael Czyzniejewski

Smoking With Letitia Trent interviewed by Jacinda Townsend

Smoking With Marisela Navarro interviewed by M.J. Fievre

Smoking With Sean Mackey interviewed by Leigh Allison Wilson

Smoking With Sherrie Flick interviewed by Karen Craigo

Smoking With Vicki Wilson interviewed by Sarah Carson

Smoking With Zachary Doss interviewed by Ethel Rohan