Issue Forty-Five

Published September 22, 2014

Letter from the Editor (45)
by Tara Laskowski


The Bird Inside You by Jacob Aiello

Susquehanna Blessing by C.A. Cole

The Sleeping of the Stones or Mae and Her White Teeth by Cameron Brindise

How Many Lives by Cedrix E. Clarke

There’s Something by Christopher McCann

For Cubby by Chris Wells

Dispatches from the Interior by David Scrivner

The Part You Throw Away by Erin Lyndal Martin

The Bundles by E.S. Bumas

Tanglewood by Gania Barlow

The Age of Discovery by Jason Peck

The Horrors by Joseph Lucido

A Girl Walks Into a Page by Laura Maylene Walter

A Question of Balance by Margot Taylor

Photographs by Mark Derks

Underbutton by Melissa Yancy

Here, Hereafter by Michael Patrick Brady

Any Other Name by Nick Sansone

How to Float by Roblin Meeks

First Story by Simon Han


Smoking With C.A. Cole interviewed by Nancy Stebbins

Smoking With Cameron Brindise interviewed by Gay Degani

Smoking With Cedrix E. Clarke interviewed by Matthew B. Dexter

Smoking With Christopher McCann interviewed by M.E. Parker

Smoking With Chris Wells interviewed by Letitia Trent

Smoking With David Scrivner interviewed by Donna D. Vitucci

Smoking With Erin Lyndal Martin interviewed by Karen Craigo

Smoking With E.S. Bumas interviewed by Rebecca Meacham

Smoking With Gania Barlow interviewed by Isaac Boone Davis

Smoking With Jacob Aiello interviewed by Matthew Fogarty

Smoking With Jason Peck interviewed by Paula Benson

Smoking With Joseph Lucido interviewed by Michael Czyzniejewski

Smoking With Laura Maylene Walter interviewed by Melissa Frederick

Smoking With Margot Taylor interviewed by Bonnie ZoBell

Smoking With Mark Derks interviewed by Megan Giddings

Smoking With Melissa Yancy interviewed by John Copenhaver

Smoking With Michael Patrick Brady interviewed by Matt Norman

Smoking With Nick Sansone interviewed by Paul Arrand Rodgers

Smoking With Roblin Meeks interviewed by Matt Rowan

Smoking With Simon Han interviewed by Erin Fitzgerald