A Trip to the Grocer’s

by Beverly Jackson Read author interview September 15, 2003

In the produce bin, among discarded corn shucks and carrot tops, but discernible in a transparent plastic bag, a severed human hand lay with its curled fingers extended toward her, begging. She stared.

“Like I needed this, right?” she said.

Tossing a head of broccoli in her cart, she glanced over her shoulder, steering toward the meat counter. She waved a small goodbye. It was an omen, she reckoned.

About the Author:

Beverly Jackson, poet/writer, is also the Editor of Literary Potpourri and Publisher of Lit Pot Press, Inc. Her work can be found in Melic Review, Pindeldyboz, Outsider Ink, Zoetrope All Story Extra, Rattle, and Night Train, to name a few. Her journal can be found at http://literarypotpourri.com.