10 Stories from Our Archives to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

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Conjured by Meghan Phillips

We’ve published our fair share of creepy stories. Here are ten tales and a playlist to get you in the mood (whatever that mood is) for this spookiest of seasons:

Something’s not right. Something is watching from the tree in the yard. Someone is tapping at the window. Feeling itchy? Paranoid? These stories are for you.

The Noises from the Neighbors Upstairs: A Nightly Log by Amber Sparks

Bone by Didi Wood

Relationships are complicated. Sometimes the people we care about the most are the ones that know exactly how to hurt us.

Aftershave and Soil by Leonora Desar

Dark Little Spaces by Sam Burns

Werewolf by Garrett Biggs

If being a person in 2019 isn’t scary enough on its own, these stories take inspiration from current events to truly terrifying effect.

Flyover by Jen Julian

History by Maia Jenkins

More tender than scary, these stories remind us that we can be haunted in more ways than one.

A Place You Know by Chloe N. Clark

Sometimes My Father Comes Back from the Dead by Steve Edwards

Popcorn by Andrew Mitchell