熊貓飼養員 / Panda Breeder

by Tang Fei Read author interview September 16, 2019

This story is part of SmokeLong Quarterly’s Global Flash Series. The English translation follows the story in its original language, Chinese.




年僅5 個月的熊貓被帶到熊貓飼養員面前。他們緊緊擁抱,呀呀兒語,喝著同樣濃稠腥甜的牛奶,在假想的翠綠竹林一起長大。從遠處看,難以分辨他們中誰才是人類。如果冒險走近這對還沒來得及馴化的野生動物,你會發現他們瞪著你的眸子里同樣飽含著陰鬱的綠色陰影。動物園園長對這個結果感到滿意。他應該可以安心退休了。一星期後,善良的老人帶著籠子外獨有的孤獨,離開動物園。








Panda Breeder

translated by Tony Huang

The panda breeder came to the zoo earlier than the panda. This was a dangerous forced landing. Unprepared. Everyone was shocked when this howling baby appeared in a lion’s cage. He was naked, energetic, unashamed, like a beast. His crying penetrated the clouds and could even scare the gods in heaven. The lions dismissed the idea to add a meal, and the zoo director decided to break the long-established employment policy.

The panda, which was only five months old, was brought to the panda breeder. They hugged tightly, prattling, drinking the same thick and gamy milk, and growing up together in an imaginary green bamboo forest. From a distance, it is difficult to tell which is human, but if you venture to get closer to this pair of untamed animals, you will see the gloomy green light shimmering in their eyes. The zoo director was satisfied with this arrangement, and felt he should be able to retire with peace of mind. A week later, the kind old man left the zoo with a sense of loneliness that was exclusively possessed by people outside the cage. 

Four years later, the old man returned to the zoo, this time as a visitor, for some ineffable, yet reasonable reasons. He held his excitement down and visited other animals one by one before his beloved panda hall. Surprisingly, he did not see the two intimate figures in the artificial green bamboo forests. After many inquiries, the old man learned the following fact:

On a Sunday afternoon, in front of the zoo visitors who crowded the panda hall, the panda breeder blatantly bit and killed the docile and sophisticated animal he raised. When this happened, the panda, just like what it often did, was showcasing all the talents a stout animal like it could have. It rolled on the floor, stood straight, bowed, walked on string, and stood on rollers. While showing its deftness, it also spent the same effort pretending to be clumsy, to be tempted by the food, to be intoxicated by the applause, to stumble and to struggle to stand up. 

Exactly at this moment, the panda breeder dashed toward the panda and slammed the poor, and still clowning, animal onto the floor. Amid frightened screams, the breeder bit into the throat of the animal and tore it into pieces. 

In court, the panda breeder confessed to his crimes. In order to evoke the breeder’s conscience, the defense lawyer tried to remind him of the life of the panda, but the breeder just briefly took it with a few words of contempt. He laughed at the animal’s weakening body, mocked its becoming gluttonous, and claimed that he had never taught the animal to juggle or play the fool. 

Finally, when asked about the motivation, he answered, unexpectedly, “I just want to see if in the body of this beast hides the soul of a dog.”

About the Author:

糖匪,sfwa会员。作品散见《上海文学》《花城》《小说界》。多篇小说在国外发表,两次被收录进美国最佳科幻年选。出版小说集《看见鲸鱼座的人》、长篇小说《无名盛宴》,同时涉足文学批评、诗歌、装置、摄影等不同艺术形式。 Tang Fei, sfwa member. His works have appeared in "Shanghai Literature", "Flower City" and "Fiction World". Many stories have been published internationally and have been included in the best sci-fi year in the United States. He published a collection of stories, "The Man Who Sees Whales", and the novel The Unknown Feast. At the same time, he is involved in different art forms such as literary criticism, poetry, installation, and photography.

About the Artist:

Sibylle Schwarz is a German artist who works independently in Stuttgart, Paris and Benin. Her work has been exhibited internationally, and she has worked with high-profile clients such as the New York Times Magazine, Dior, and Bloomingdale's.