Smoking with Catherine Talley

Read the Story September 15, 2003

An uncanny number of writers I’ve met say they knew they would be writers right around fourth grade. What is it about fourth grade, do you think?

It wasn’t fourth grade for me. I had Mrs. Fulgham in fourth grade and she hated everybody. In fourth grade I learned to sneak my book into my desk and read it throughout the day.

How many times have you spilled coffee/tea/water/beer/wine/soda in your keyboard, and is there a “perfect” greaseless food that can be eaten while typing?

This number is uncountable. I have found that coffee, tea, water, soda, and wine are largely harmless. I have ruined three keyboards with orange juice though. (Two of them were at work. It was more than a little embarrassing to explain the second time.) I think it is the pulp.

What are some of your favorite books and authors?

There are too many to enumerate, but any writer knows that. I adore Tennessee Williams for his grit and truth, William Stephenson for his words and plots, Toni Morrison who can see into my soul, and Margaret Wise Brown who taught so many to love books.

Could you tell us some of your favorite words?

disquisition, shit, penultimate, library, sea

(We’d like to mention here that Catherine Talley is going to be a guest editor for our next issue! Welcome aboard, Cat!)

Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers?

Support your local library. It is the best invention ever. Really.

About the Author:

Catherine Talley spends many hours a week laboring to support her habit of buying food and shelter. Her work is forthcoming in The Green Tricycle. In her spare time she is a fiber artist and writer. She lives in Maryland.

About the Artist:

A native of Ohio, Marty D. Ison lives with his wife transplanted in the sands of the Gulf of Mexico. He studied fine arts at Saint Petersburg College. In addition to the visual arts, he writes poetry, short stories, and novels. See more of Ison's work here.