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SmokeLong Weekly
Here, Hereafter by Michael Patrick Brady Here, Hereafter by Michael Patrick Brady, September 15, 2014

Everyone agreed that we'd survived the accident, from the police officers who pulled us from the wreckage to the emergency room doctors that bandaged up our scrapes and scratches. But my mother could not be convinced. "We weren't even wearing seatbelts," she'd insist. "There's just no way."

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SmokeLong Quarterly
Issue Forty-Four Issue Forty-Four (June 23, 2014): Flicker by Erin Armstrong «» Fumigation Day by JR Fenn «» White Smoke by Matthew Fogarty «» PUNK by Claire Rudy Foster «» Everything You Are Doing Right Now Is Stupid by Richard Hackler «» Farrah Fawcett, Guardian of Highway Bridge Abutments by Joe Kapitan «» Ikechi by Jay Merill «» Jimmy O'Jimmy by Vincent Poturica «» From the Diary of Your Unlived Life by Andrew Ridker «» In Which a Truck Driver Parked at a Rest Stop Outside of La Grange Experiences Trauma-Related Erectile Dysfunction by Vincent Scarpa «» The Drive by Gabrielle Sierra «» Junior in the Tunnels by Bud Smith «» Cane Pole by Claudia Smith «» The Archetype by Tori Telfer «» Bravado by Girija Tropp «» Interviews: Erin Armstrong «» JR Fenn «» Matthew Fogarty «» Claire Rudy Foster «» Richard Hackler «» Joe Kapitan «» Jay Merill «» Vincent Poturica «» Andrew Ridker «» Vincent Scarpa «» Gabrielle Sierra «» Bud Smith «» Claudia Smith «» Tori Telfer «» Girija Tropp «» Cover Art by Karen Prosen «» Letter From the Editor

This Week's Reader
Ken Budd Ken Budd is the author of The Voluntourist—A Six-Country Tale of Love, Loss, Fatherhood, Fate and Singing Bon Jovi in Bethlehem (William Morrow). The memoir won silver in the 2013 Nautilus Book Awards and 2012 North American Travel Journalist Association Awards; an adaptation for Huffington Post received gold from NATJA in 2014. Ken has written for such publications as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Smithsonian, and McSweeney's. He is the former executive editor of AARP The Magazine; his work was nominated for a National Magazine Award in 2005. Ken is donating his earnings from The Voluntourist to the places where he volunteered. His web site is and you can connect with him on Facebook and Twitter. He will read stories submitted to SmokeLong September 15-21.

Read more about Ken on our blog.


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