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SmokeLong Quarterly: The Best of the First Ten Years (2003-2013)
SLQ anthology SmokeLong Quarterly: The Best of the First Ten Years (2003-2013)

Get the Best of the First Ten Years of SmokeLong now! Our print anthology is available at Matter Press, featuring 56 writers and the first 40 issues of SmokeLong Quarterly!


SmokeLong Weekly
The Drive by Gabrielle Sierra The Drive by Gabrielle Sierra, April 14, 2014

They were on the road for two hours before the rain came.

Emma had changed her clothes in the back seat as they exited Manhattan, folding her bloody dress tightly before shoving it into a Wendy's take-out bag. When they stopped for gas, Roman got her the bathroom key, and she rinsed the blood from her hair.

"It wasn't so bad in there, actually," she said when she got back into the car. "Gas station bathrooms are never that bad. I mean I wouldn't eat sushi off the floor. But I think they make it worse in the movies, you know? They make it look worse than it really is."

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SmokeLong Quarterly
Issue Forty-Three Issue Forty-Three (March 24, 2014): We Are Pictures of Ourselves Drinking by Grant Bailie «» Baseball Bat by Chase Burke «» Salvador Dali Eyes by Douglas Campbell «» True, False and Floating by Rijn Collins «» The Part of the Story I Won't Be Telling You by Janet Frishberg «» The Tiny Woman Who Hates You by Megan Giddings «» Womb Viewer by Julienne Grey «» White Guys Are All the Same by Thaddeus Gunn «» Animal by Sarah Herrington «» Come to Pharoah by Matt Marinovich «» Doubles by Stephen Mills «» What You Sold Online by Sarah Moesta «» What We Understand to Be Ghosts by Andy Myers «» Other Damage by Jef Otte «» And Day and Night and After by Adam Peterson «» A Light Kneels by the Gutter by Emma Sovich «» Sparks by Bezalel Stern «» Bred in Captivity by Sonja Vitow «» If There's Any Truth in a Northbound Train by Ryan Werner «» Repeatable Sequence #7 'A Bad Scallop' by Ian Woollen «» Interviews: Grant Bailie «» Chase Burke «» Douglas Campbell «» Rijn Collins «» Janet Frishberg «» Megan Giddings «» Julienne Grey «» Thaddeus Gunn «» Sarah Herrington «» Matt Marinovich «» Stephen Mills «» Sarah Moesta «» Andy Myers «» Jef Otte «» Adam Peterson «» Emma Sovich «» Bezalel Stern «» Sonja Vitow «» Ryan Werner «» Ian Woollen «» Cover Art by Nancy Wartman «» Letter From the Editor-->

This Week's Reader
Richard Thomas Richard Thomas is the author of three books—Transubstantiate, Herniated Roots and Staring Into the Abyss. His more than 100 stories in print have been published in places such as Cemetery Dance, PANK, Gargoyle, Weird Fiction Review, Midwestern Gothic, Arcadia, Pear Noir, Chiral Mad 2, and Shivers VI. He is also the editor of three anthologies out in 2014: The New Black (Dark House Press), The Lineup: 25 Provocative Women Writers (Black Lawrence Press) and Burnt Tongues (Medallion Press) with Chuck Palahniuk. In his spare time he writes for The Nervous Breakdown, LitReactor, and is Editor-in-Chief at Dark House Press. For more information visit or contact Paula Munier at Talcott Notch. He will read stories submitted to SmokeLong April 14-20.

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SmokeLong Feature
Alex Kafka Artist Spotlight: Alexander C. Kafka January 22, 2014

This is part of an intermittent series of interviews with the artists who illustrate the wonderful stories we publish. Here, art editor Ashley Inguanta chats with Alexander C. Kafka, a photographer, journalist, and composer in Bethesda, Maryland.

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