Editor’s Choice Week: An Interview with Virgie Townsend

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The story from this week’s submissions will be selected by a member of our editorial staff. All stories submitted between December 4-10 will be read by Virgie Townsend.

Themes, topics, or styles I’m drawn to: I have a soft spot for magical realism. I’m often interested in stories that explore collective perspectives on unique experiences and their social or anthropological commentary, like Venita Blackburn’s “Chew” or Steven Millhauser’s “The Tower” in Dangerous Laughter.

Dealbreakers in flash: Lack of plot is a big one. I enjoy beautifully written vignettes, but for flash, I want to see a shift, even if it’s subtle. Something has to happen.

A flash story I LOVE: “Hello” by Kathy Fish in Rift. It’s an exquisite, lovingly rendered piece.

A flash I’ve written: “Warm and Disloyal” in Garogyle 62, reprinted in Eunoia Review. I think it captures something true about adolescent sexuality, and not just that it’s hilarious.

About the Reader:

Virgie Townsend is a fiction writer, journalist, and editor from Syracuse, New York. Her short stories have been featured in such publications as Tin House’s Flash Fridays, Gargoyle, and WhiskeyPaper, as well as the anthologies SmokeLong Quarterly: The Best of the First Ten Years and Best of Pif, Volume One. Her nonfiction has been published or is forthcoming in The Atlantic, Washington Post, Harper's Bazaar, and others. Visit her online at www.virgietownsend.com.