Editor’s Choice Week: An Interview with SLQ Editor Tyrese L. Coleman

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This week’s submissions will be chosen by a member of our editorial staff. All stories submitted January 28 – February 3, 2019  will be read by associate editor Tyrese L. Coleman.

Tyrese will be giving away a copy of her collection, How to Sit (Mason Jar Press), which was recently named as a finalist for the Pen Open Book Award, to the writer of the story she selects for publication.

An associate editor at SmokeLong Quarterly, Tyrese L. Coleman reads stories that are submitted for inclusion in our weekly and quarterly issues. She is a second-tier reader, meaning after a story has gone through an initial read, it comes to her for a second read to determine if the story should move forward for a staff read. She’s been with SmokeLong since September 2016 and enjoys working with the different writers and reading the amazing fiction and craft essays. SmokeLong is very grateful to

have her on our team.

Themes, topics, or styles I’m drawn to:

I am drawn to stories that involve marginalized groups and the experiences of characters who aren’t typically represented in lit mags or anywhere really. I am a fan of writing that is immersive and that isn’t afraid to take risks with language. Voice is more important to me than plot. I like to read flash that has something more to say than what is on the page.

Dealbreakers in flash:

These aren’t so much as “deal breakers” but rather themes that I am just not interested in reading: Dead kids, dead pets, dead parents, divorce or break-ups, rich-people problems, writers writing about how hard it is to write or how they have failed as a writer, any story that involves boating or the beach or summer getaways, stories where it is clear the writer knows nothing about the culture in which he/she is attempting to recreate in his/her fiction, and dead spouses.

A flash story I LOVE:

I LOVE “Poke Salad” from Stephanie Soileau published in the Fall 2016 Issue of Oxford American, one of my favorite magazines.

A flash I’ve written:

One of my favorite pieces of flash that I’ve written is a story inspired by my own uncle entitled “Uncle Pug.” As you can see from my writing and the writing that I enjoy reading, Southern experiences and themes have a particular place in my heart.

About the Reader:

Tyrese L. Coleman is the author of the 2019 Pen Open Book Award nominated collection, How to Sit, published with Mason Jar Press in 2018. Writer, wife, mother, attorney, and writing instructor, she is also an associate editor at SmokeLong Quarterly, an online journal dedicated to flash fiction. Her essays and stories have appeared in several publications, including Black Warrior Review, Buzzfeed, Literary Hub, The Rumpus, and the Kenyon Review. She is an alumni of the Writing Program at Johns Hopkins University and a Kimbilio Fiction Fellow. Find her at tyresecoleman.com or on twitter @tylachelleco.