Interviewer: Daniel DiFranco

Daniel DiFranco lives in Philadelphia where he teaches high school English and music. He graduated from Temple University with a BS in English Education, and Arcadia University with an MFA in Creative Writing. He loves to travel, and learned the hard way there is no peanut butter in Europe. In a former life he studied guitar and music performance until he realized the real money is in teaching and writing. Sometimes he writes about music. He doesn't play music about writing, though. That would be boring. He plays guitar and keyboard in the band Those People. His work has appeared in Smokelong Quarterly, LitroNYPhiladelphia StoriesThe Molotov Cocktailand other fine publications. He is 1/3 of the podcast, a monthly podcast hosted by writer-musicians who talk art and cut a track. He can be found on twitter at @danieldifranco

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