Author: Kay Sexton

Kay Sexton has an overdeveloped work ethic and a fig tree in her garden. She finds it hard to reconcile the two. Her short-short story "Domestic Violence" was runner-up in the Guardian fiction contest judged by Dave Eggers, "Tats" earned an honourable mention in the Desdemona’s Erotic Fiction contest, Sarah Hall (The Electric Michelangelo) has chosen "Acorns and Conkers" as the runner-up in the ESSP short story contest and Kay’s work appeared in seven anthologies in 2004. Her website gives details of her current and forthcoming publications. The fig tree is also flourishing.

Stories by Kay Sexton

In Too Deep - June 15, 2005

Love and Death in Legoland - December 15, 2003

Interviews involving Kay Sexton

Smoking With Kay Sexton - June 15, 2005

Smoking With Kay Sexton - December 15, 2003