Author: Daphne Buter

Daphne Buter lives in the Netherlands and was born and raised in Amsterdam. Publishing house De Bezige Bij & Thomas Rap published two of her books. A novel: De Blauwe Prins. In 1990 and a collection of short stories: Alle Vogels Van de Wereld. In 2000. A translation of a Dutch short story appeared in Snow Money [print US]. A translation of Dutch short story appeared in Cadenza [print UK] in April 2004. A few months ago Daphne started writing short stories in English. Five of these short stories appeared in the Ezine FRiGG in April 2004. One short appeared in Edifice Wrecked. Forthcoming: Mindfire accepted two poems translated from Dutch. Dicey Brown (US) and the print magazine Night Train (US) have both accepted a short story for publication.

Stories by Daphne Buter

He Wrote Sixteen Pencils Empty - March 15, 2005

On the Inside of a Horse’s Skull - October 15, 2004

Interviews involving Daphne Buter

Smoking With Daphne Buter - March 15, 2005

Smoking With Daphne Buter - October 15, 2004