Author: Carol Novack

Carol Novack is a re-emerging writer. In her yute, she actually managed to get someone to publish a book of her poems, Living Alone without a Dictionary. She also prevailed on a foreign government to grant her a writer's award, which she squandered on ouzo and retsina on the isle of Lesvos. Ultimately, she returned to native NYC, where she became a people's lawyer, representing all sorts of alleged miscreants and championing the right of street artists to sell their works in public without a vendor's license. Much to her customary angst, she hardly wrote anything but legal motions and briefs. Eventually, Carol pursued a Masters degree in social work, and managed to trap it. The excruciating task of writing social science papers dissolved her writer's block. Carol's writings can currently be found at Journal of Modern Post, Yankee Pot Roast, and Laura Hird. Others are forthcoming in The Beat, Edifice Wrecked, and Wild Strawberries.

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Getting Religion - October 15, 2004

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