Art by Marty D. Ison
Art by Marty D. Ison


Tara Laskowski

Managing Editor

Christopher Allen

Art Directors

Ashley Inguanta

Alexander C. Kafka

Coordinating Editor

Shasta Grant

Associate Editors

Tyrese L. Coleman, blog editor

Meghan Phillips, social media and marketing editor

Virgie Townsend, blog editor

Brandon Wicks, special projects

Interview Editors

Karen Craigo

Michael Czyzniejewski

Publisher and Founding Editor

Dave Clapper


Josh Denslow, Jan Elman Stout, Sherrie Flick, Huan Hsu

Global Flash Series Editors

German: Christopher Allen (on a rolling basis)

French: Michelle Bailat-Jones (on a rolling basis)

Spanish: Cecilia Llompart (submissions close May 7, 2017)

Swahili: John Obwavo (submissions open June 1, 2017)

Hebrew: Ilana Masad (submissions open September 1, 2017)

2017 Kathy Fish Fellow

Allison Pinkerton

Cover Artist

Issue 55’s cover is by Brooke Shaden. She is an award-winning fine-art photographer and educator. Her work has been featured in exhibits internationally. Click here for details about her upcoming Promotion Passion Convention, in Buffalo, N.Y., in September 2017.







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