Christopher Allen

Coordinating Editor

Shasta Grant

Art Director

Paul Bilger

Interviews Editor

Michael Czyzniejewski

Senior Editors

Sherrie Flick, Jan Elman Stout

Associate Editor

Meghan Phillips, social media

Submissions Editors

Sharmini Aphrodite, April Bradley, Helen RyeNancy Au, Elisabeth Ingram Wallace, Hadiyyah Kuma, and Daniel DiFranco

Global Flash Series Editors

German: Christopher Allen (on a rolling basis)

French: Michelle Bailat-Jones (on a rolling basis)

Past Global Flash Series Editors

SmokeLong Fellow

María Alejandra Barrios

Consulting Editor

Tara Laskowski

Founding Editor

Dave Clapper


Cover Artist

The cover art for Issue 66 is by Sibylle Schwarz is a German artist who works independently in Stuttgart, Paris and Benin. Her work has been exhibited internationally, and she has worked with high-profile clients such as the New York Times Magazine, Dior, and Bloomingdale’s.