Art by Marty D. Ison
Art by Marty D. Ison


Tara Laskowski and Christopher Allen

Art Director

Paul Bilger

Coordinating Editor

Shasta Grant

Associate Editor

Meghan Phillips, social media

Interviews Editor

Michael Czyzniejewski

Submissions Editors

Christopher Allen, Sharmini Aphrodite, April Bradley, Allison Pinkerton, Helen Rye, Sherrie Flick, Jan Elman Stout, Virgie Townsend, Nancy Au, Ron A. Austin, Daniel DiFranco

Reviews Editor

Tyrese Coleman

Publisher and Founding Editor

Dave Clapper

Global Flash Series Editors

German: Christopher Allen (on a rolling basis)

French: Michelle Bailat-Jones (on a rolling basis)

Chinese: Tony Huang (submissions closed)

Filipino: Kristine Ong Muslim (submissions opened August 19, 2019 and close November 17)


Cover Artist

The cover art for Issue 65, “Crows and Quinces (What is that Crimson?)” is by Christina McPhee, a Los Angeles based painter. Her paintings move from within a matrix of abstraction, shadowing figures and contingent effects; they emulate potential forms of life, in various systems and territories, and in real and imagined ecologies. Her work poses the question: how does a map of the Anthropocene read? Museum collections include Whitney Museum of American Art, New Museum-Rhizome Artbase, and International Center for Photography, New York; Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City; and Thresholds New Media Collection, Scotland. Solo museum exhibitions include the American University Museum, Washington, D.C., and Bildmuseet, UmeĆ„, Sweden. Learn more at